Neon - Devlog 1

Hi everyone! 

Since the release of Neon a few weeks ago the team (yes we're a team of pixel artists, writer and sound designer now!) has been hard at work to improve the demo into a more polished version. We've heard your feedback, we've mainly been focused on reworking the game's graphics to bring it some much needed readability, improving movement, the rope system and overall game feel.

This will be the first of a series of devlogs where we show you a bit of what's new and what we've been working on.


The ropes that are in the demo are cool and all, but are still missing some zing to make them feel believable. Ropes that go through walls for instance aren't very believable. So we've been working on adding collisions to Neon, that will also allow us to create new and interesting mechanics. Here's a quick preview of what it looks like:

Other cool stuff we've been working on

The feedback we've been having has helped a lot to improve the game, so this last month we've been working mainly on:

  • Improving the games graphics, readability and sound design (including a redesign of the main character)
  • A storyline for the game
  • An OST!
  • Improving player movement feel and controls
  • Rope performance (much needed) improvements
  • A save system!

Moving from being a solo developper to working with a team means people that are better than me at pixel art, sound design and writting are now working on Neon! I hope to be able to show you all that on the next Devlog!

See you then!

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