Neon - Demo out now!

Neon is out now!

Hi everyone, the very first release of Neon is out! Neon is a platformer prototype where you use realistic ropes to swing, fight enemies and solve puzzles through a cyberpunk city! As of now it is a simple 5 level demo to showcase gameplay mechanics, but the goal is to reach a fleshed out full release of a game. 

What can I find in this demo ?

- TV Head, a rope shooting robot with some fighting skills!

- 5 levels, where you'll use your smarts, fighting and rope swinging skills to overcome challenges

- 2 types of enemies that will do everything to stop you

- An aestetic pixel art cyberpunk city!

Whats coming next?




- A main storyline

- Rope simultation improvements (collisions and performance in general)

Can I get involved or support developpment?

As of now I am a solo developper working on this demo (code, art and sound), but I am looking for people that would like to work on this project as well. If you are interested in doing art, writing, game or level design for Neon please let me know!

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Apr 30, 2022

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